School Attendance System

How to Improve Your School Attendance System 101: Face Recognition Software

Keywords: Attendance, Facial Recognition, Technology, SchoolSchool management and attendance have been one of the biggest challenges in the education sector today. To address this challenge, school administrators require…

Detect & Monitor Attendance

How to Detect & Monitor Attendance @ School: Facial Recognition technology

Image Source: UnsplashAs anyone who works in a school knows, attendance is consistently the top priority for officials responsible for monitoring student performance and student behavior. From accreditation…

Start Blended Learning

Why Need to Start Blended Learning @Work Now: 7 Reasons

Image Source: UnsplashToday, more than half of the US workforce is expected to be fully digital by 2020. With so much going on in the digital world, it’s…

what did u do all

How To Start & Run New Venture: Innovative Ideas

Image Source: FlickrWhen starting an entrepreneurial business, it can be overwhelming. There are so many factors that need to come together for your business to succeed. But even…

Facial Recognition Technology is Revolutionizing Security and Privacy

How Facial Recognition Technology is Revolutionizing Security and Privacy

Image Source: FreepikFacial recognition technology is rapidly advancing at a pace that many security experts haven’t even fully processed. In the near future, facial recognition software will be…

Works in Android & Apple Phones

How Facial Recognition Works in Android & Apple Phones: Security Concerns

Photo by Megan_Rexazin on Pixabay smartphones become more ubiquitous in our daily lives, the need to safeguard private information has never been greater. To address this need,…


How To Manage Diversity In The Workplace? Discussion

Have you ever wondered what the term workplace diversity really means? We’ve all heard it before, and if you ask around you’ll get about a hundred different answers….

new normal meeting

Effective People Management: After Covid – Helpful Tips For Companies

Coronavirus is a problem that has affected everyone. There are a lot of people who became affected or have been infected. And there are a lot of people…

Culture of Success

How to Keep Employees Motivated, Retain Talent and Build a Culture of Success

Image Source: FreepikManaging people is a challenge. You have to engage with your team every day, keep them happy and excited about their work, and also trust them…

A Step-By-Step Guide To Employers

A Step-By-Step Guide To Employers: How To Create A Branding Guide In 4 Easy Steps

Image Source: FreepikCreating a branding guide is an important step in building your company’s brand. It can help you establish your company’s visual identity, avoid unnecessary confusion with…