Payroll & Attendance Management

How to select Payroll & Attendance Management: with Deloitte Survey results

Image Source: PixabayHaving the right tools is an essential part of running any business successfully, no matter how big or small your operation might be. This is especially…

Tax Implications

Tax Implications for Expats in the UAE: What You Need To Know

Expat life brings with it a number of financial implications that can either help or hinder you. Taxation is one of the biggest hurdles expats face when moving…


A Guide to Self-Reviews and Reviews: How to improve Workplace productivity

Image Source: PixabayYou’ve got brilliant ideas and other people to share them with, but there’s always been something holding you back: your work environment. You dread going into…


Greatest Challenges Faced By HR: Survey, Discussion And Reasons

Image: PixabayAs the business world changes(post Covid), so does the role of HR professionals. Increasingly human resources is a business-driven function and it depends on understanding the strategic…


Performance Management Tool: What is OKR  – How to Start

Image: PixabayPerformance measurement and regular monitoring by way of appraisal of Human Resource is the biggest challenge for any organisation. Various performance tools and consultants with their experience…

HR Processes

How To Optimise HR Processes: Facial Recognition Technology – Tips

Image Source: FreepikAs we have seen with the rise of digital transformation, so has the evolution of human resources (HR) processes. The use of artificial intelligence, virtual reality…

Reorganise & Redesign Companies

How To Reorganise & Redesign Companies: Artificial Intelligence – 10 Simple Ways

Image Source: PixabayRedesigning, restructuring and reorganising your company can be challenging. If you’re not careful, this process can even become destructive if it doesn’t end in success. Reorganising…

facial recognition technology

The Future of Facial Recognition Technology and How It’s Changing the Way We Manage Employee Attendance

Image Source: PixabayFacial recognition software can help you create a streamlined employee attendance system that’s much more secure and easier to manage than the old-fashioned method of stamping…


Why HRM In Industry 4.0: Artificial Intelligence -Top Reasons

Image Source: pixabayThe industry of 4.0 is changing. Big time. It’s not just about the internet of things (IoT), but about the digital transformation of all industries and…

Develop Employees By Leadership Psychology

How To Develop Employees By Leadership Psychology – A Simple Way

Image Source: FreepikToday, almost everyone is either a “self-motivated” or an “internal motivator” employee. For many people, being motivated by their own efforts is as natural as breathing….