Workplace Minimize it

Workplace Negativity: How to Minimize it – Some Tips

Workplace negativity is the expression of negative things that are being done or have already been done in an organization. This is aptly illustrated through workplace bullying. Workplace…


How to build Effective Employer Branding: Benefits & Strategies

The traditional definition of an employer brand is how an organization portrays itself as a place to work but it is not enough anymore. It no longer works…


10 Secrets To Manage Diversity In The Workplace

Have you ever wondered what the term workplace diversity really means? We’ve all heard it before, and if you ask around you’ll get about a hundred different answers….

Encouraging Physical Activity

6 Ways to Better Productivity By Encouraging Physical Activity

Image Source: FlickrKeywords: productivity, physical activity, employee engagement, stress levelsOver the past few years, more and more research has found that increasing our level of productivity is one…

The Power of UsUser Experience in Facial Recognition Technology

The Power of User Interface and User Experience in Facial Recognition Technology

Image Source: FlickrIn the modern world, gadgets have become an essential part of our daily lives. From smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktops, most electronic devices come…

employee engagement

Why Attendance Is Important Reasons in the HR Department 101: HR’s Top

One of the most common conversations you’re bound to have in your HR department is about the importance of employee engagement. Whether it’s the challenges HR face, or…

4th Industrial Revolution

The New Face Recognition Technology your School Should Be Using

Image Source: FlickrFace recognition is becoming a heavy topic that schools are having to face. In the modern world, there is a huge demand for security software that…

Best Talent

The 8 Best Gamification Strategies To Hire The Best Talent

Image Source: FreepikKnowing how to hire the best talent is more challenging than it seems. There’s a massive demand for new employees and many companies struggle to find…

Recr Gamification for Employers

Recruitment Strategy 101: Useful Gamification for Employers

Gamification in Hiring: How to Get The Most Out Of This TechniqueAs businesses continue to battle a persistent job market, they’re looking for any edge they can get…

Objective& Key Results OKRs

Performance Management 101: Objective& Key Results  OKRs

What is a Performance Indicator? And How Does It Relate to OKRs? Performance indicators are a type of operational objective management (OKR) that help your team track improvements…